Hobie Minnebreuker   
1997, Netherlands

Artist statement                           
In my work as a visual artist I research the human body. For me the human body is an armour. It protects us, we hate it, we care about it and we share our body with others. An armour can be damaged and because of that it is even more vulnerable and fragile. How do we deal with pain and the uncertainties that this entails? I try to answer these questions in my photographic prints. For me it is important to physically make my work with my hands, with techniques such as Toyobo Etching. My work must be physical, tangible and vulnerable. 

2023 February 25 - 10 April, Artzaanstad, Zaandam (group)
2023 February 9 - 11, Cult Creche, Art Rotterdam Week (solo)
2022 November 24th, DE BOUWPUT, Amsterdam (solo)
2022 August, NOCKNOCK ArtFair Amsterdam 
2022 June, NOW SHOW, Sint Joost Photography and Film, Breda​​​​​​​

Artist in residence
2022 Oct/Nov, AGALAB Amsterdam

2023 - Noordhollands dagblad, Met deze drie Zaanse foto-exposities hebben fotografieliefhebbers wat te kiezen
2023 - PS PAROOL, In heel Amsterdam zitten kunstenaars verstopt:   ‘Een residentie haalt je uit je context’

2021  - Present  Teacher Photography, Sint Lucas Eindhoven/Boxtel
2023 - Assistent of Chantal Elisabeth Ariens​​​​​​​
2016 - 2017 Studio assistent of Gerrit Schreurs

2018 - 2022     Photography and Film BA, AKV|St.Joost Breda
2020 - 2021     Educatieve Minor Hoger Beroepsonderwijs BA, 
                             Hogeschool Rotterdam
Photo: Huig Bartels
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