Unfinished sculptures  (non finito)      2022 - present
After completing the series 'Body, Armor of Glass', I sought a logical continuation. My attention shifted towards exploring the sculptural properties of the body, considering it as an imperfect sculpture. The body, as a work that never seems fully completed, trapped within a block of stone that one can mold. In my approach, I used paper as my 'block of stone' and began sculpting, so to speak, on the flat surface. With this, I aimed to explore and express the sculptural qualities of the body.
Body, armor of glass  2022
The project 'Body, Armor of Glass' encompasses the damaged human body and my personal struggle with it. The human body is a constant presence, something we are confronted with daily, especially in times of pain. It's something we cannot escape; we must learn to deal with it. In this project, I document my own body as well as the bodies of others. Through these photos, I aim for the viewer to recognize themselves in the images. Despite the visible damage, it is precisely the imperfections that make our bodies beautiful and make us unique. The project aims to be a reflection on human existence and the beauty inherent in our individual flaws.
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