Unfinished sculptures  (non finito)      2022 - present
After completing the series Body, armour of glass, I was looking for a sequel. I started researching the sculpturality of the body. To me, the body is like an imperfect sculpture. Something that is unfinished and may never be finished. It is stuck, as it were, in a block of stone which you can shape. I considered the paper as my block of stone and started sculpting with the flat surface.
Body, armor of glass  2022
The project ‘Body, armor of glass’ is about the damaged human body and my struggle with it. Our body is always there and we are confronted with that every day. Especially if you are in pain. You cannot turn it off. You have to learn to deal with it. I photograph my own body and bodies of other people. With these photographs I hope the viewer can recognize themselves. Dispite of these damages it is the imperfections that make our body beautiful. It is what makes us unique.  
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